About Us


Double Barrel is a brand new company producing Birch plywood furniture and home decor products that are clever, simple and beautiful - the essence, we believe, of good design.

We're based in sub-tropical Tzaneen, way up in Limpopo, which is why our focus is on flatpack furniture, which we ship throughout South Africa. Flatpack furniture is catching on in South Africa and we believe we have the perfect recipe of blending 'beauty and brains' into our designs. Assembling our furniture doesn't require an engineering degree, however, a friend with a white rubber mallet and a bottle of wine is essential!


Engineered wood is any wood derivative product that has been mixed or layered with a binding agent, processed and (usually) pressed into sheets. Examples of engineered wood are chipboard, MDF (medium density fibreboard) and plywood.

We use imported Birch plywood for our furniture and MDF for our mirrors.

Birch plywood is the Rolls Royce of plywoods (and thanks to the exchange rate, almost as pricey!). It is lightweight but strong, dimensionally stable and beautiful. This makes it perfect for furniture manufacturing, something the Scandinavians discovered centuries ago. Best of all though, it's from sustainable Nordic and Baltic forests, which means you don't have to have sleepless nights worrying about what your furniture cost the planet.

MDF, locally called "Supawood", is a very versatile and popular engineered wood but it is inferior to Birch plywood and we only use it for products that will not be carrying any significant load, like our mirrors. 


Our two part mission is to initially delight our design-savvy customers with our ability to merge good design with humble engineered wood and then, with time, cultivate their loyalty and trust in our resolve to always produce the unusual at the highest level of workmanship and integrity.

 Beryl Booysen - founder of Double Barrel